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Hot water cylinders are a key part of many boiler systems. If you need services related to your cylinder, get in touch with Portsmouth Boiler Specialists.

Water Cylinders 101

Suppose your home uses a conventional or system boiler. In that case, you already know how important hot water cylinders are in these systems. These storage tanks are responsible for holding heated water, allowing for it to be accessed when needed. And much like boilers, there are multiple types of hot water cylinders out there. These include open vented cylinders (which receive water from a tank stored in a building’s loft) and unvented cylinders (which receive water directly from mains).

Do you rely on an unvented hot water cylinder or an open vented hot water cylinder? If so, you need a reliable service provider to keep your system’s hot water cylinder working as it should. For people in South East England, that means reaching out to the team at Portsmouth Boiler Specialists.

Our Qualifications

It’s no secret that Portsmouth Boiler Specialists isn’t the only company working on hot water cylinder replacement and repair in this region. In South East England, you have many different businesses to choose from, all of which claim to be the best choice for the job. That’s why it’s so important to look at a boiler company’s qualifications – and luckily, our company is highly qualified to help you out.

  • Unlike some companies, Portsmouth Boiler Specialists is locally owned and operated. Since we’re a Portsmouth-based business, we know what residents need from a hot water cylinder company. Along with that, we can offer quick response times thanks to our strong presence in this area.
  • Whether you need hot water cylinder replacement, repair, or anything else, you won’t have to pay excessive fees for our services. We work hard to keep costs for our customers down.
  • Thanks to our close attention to detail, there is no doubt you’ll have no problems with your hot water cylinder after we’ve worked on it. If an issue arises, though, our work is covered by a comprehensive warranty.

Our Hot Water Cylinder Services

In addition to our qualifications, Portsmouth Boiler Specialists offers the area’s broadest selection of services related to hot water cylinders. Here are some of the tasks our company is ready to handle:

Hot Water Cylinder Servicing

Ideally, a professional service provider should look at your unvented hot water cylinder or open vented hot water cylinder once a year at a minimum. Portsmouth Boiler Specialists is the perfect choice for this often-overlooked job. We’ll catch any problems with your cylinder with our deep knowledge of this field and offer the quick fix you need.

Hot Water Cylinder Repair

Is your open vented or unvented cylinder acting up? Get the problem resolved today by calling the experts at Portsmouth Boiler Specialists. We’ll respond ASAP and work tirelessly to get your cylinder back online!

Hot Water Cylinder Replacement

Sometimes, an open vented or unvented hot water system is beyond repair. When that’s the case, you’ll need to start thinking about cylinder replacement. No matter what type of hot water cylinder you need, Portsmouth Boiler Specialists is ready to handle the task of cylinder replacement for you.

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Hot water cylinder in Portsmouth

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Since the consequences of hot water cylinder failure are inconvenient at best and severe at worst, it pays to take precautions. Reach out to Portsmouth Boiler Specialists today for service. Are you already dealing with problems related to your open vented or unvented hot water system? We can help resolve these issues, too!

Our company serves all sorts of communities in South East England, including:

  • Chichester
  • Fareham
  • Gosport
  • Havant
  • Petersfield
  • Portsmouth
  • Waterlooville

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